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Minnesota family law disputes are complex on many levels: legally, emotionally, financially, and socially, involving major life and relationship transitions. There are many decisions to be made, decisions that will impact the lives of you and your children for years to come.

It's hard to remain clear-headed when emotions are high. It's difficult to know what's in your own best interest, let alone to advocate for yourself, when you're feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. Anding Law Office, P.A. is here to offer guidance and to help you understand your options so that you can make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

Options for Divorce and Other Family Law Conflicts

Anding Law Office, P.A. believes that being an active, informed participant in your divorce or family law matter reduces stress during the process, and increases satisfaction with the outcome. The firm strives to empower clients by giving them the information and guidance they need to make the best choices, and then advocating in support of those choices.

You deserve to know what to expect from the family law process, what alternatives there are to traditional litigation, and the costs and benefits, both financial and emotional, of pursuing a given course of action. A divorce or other family law dispute can make it feel as if you've lost control of your life. Having the power to make well-informed decisions can help you take it back.

Twenty Years of Experience in Minnesota Family Law

Attorney Betsy Anding has devoted her practice exclusively to family law for over twenty years, and has extensive experience both in litigating family law matters and resolving them through alternative dispute resolution. She personally handles every aspect of every family law matter the firm takes on.

Located in Edina, Anding Law Office, P.A. serves the Greater Twin Cities area, with a commitment to offering Minnesota family law clients trustworthy guidance, support, and advocacy.

Betsy Anding

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